Week of 7.22.18: Meal Prep & Grocery List

The List Here’s what I’m calling “week two of trying something new”.  My $109 list from #AmazonFresh: 1. English muffins  2. Eggs  3. Breakfast sausage 4. Bacon  5. Plums X10 6. Low cal cheddar cheese 7. Spinach 8. Oranges X10 9. Pre-made meat balls 10. Whole wheat pasta  11. Tomatoes 12. Rice noodles  13. Cucumbers …

Mini Instructional Video

View this post on Instagram 💪🏾🚨HIT SAVE 🚨 Hey y’all! I’m going to attempt to add some visuals to the routines I share and try out. So here is what’s in this video: 1. Squats (weighted) – 3×10 
2. Alternating Lunges (weighted) – 3×10
3. Sit-ups or Crunches 3×10 4. Pull-ups – 3×10 OR 
Planks –…

Skinny Doesn’t Mean Healthy

Let’s trade in our “ #BodyGoals” for our own personal health goals. Skinny doesn’t always mean healthy! There are people who are naturally skinny despite what they eat! There are people who don’t consume a  diet necessary to sustain the health and the integrity of their bodies. Don’t let the “pursuit of skinniness” fool you into…


Here’s an everyday full-body workout! Let’s do this. No equipment needed, just you and your goals! It’s time we start getting moving to FEEL good. Everything else will fall into place. Getting moving literally sends messages to your brain that increase happiness! This is something you can do by YOURSELF, for YOURSELF. You deserve it!