Live Chat: Well Ladies

@mofit__healthclub (IG) and I are teamed up to offer a 30-minute live convo packed with our favorite tips and tricks on maintaining wellness. This isn’t just about fitness, but wholeness! Don’t miss this chance to watch the chat here! We hope you enjoyed!

Skinny Doesn’t Mean Healthy

Let’s trade in our “ #BodyGoals” for our own personal health goals. Skinny doesn’t always mean healthy! There are people who are naturally skinny despite what they eat! There are people who don’t consume a  diet necessary to sustain the health and the integrity of their bodies. Don’t let the “pursuit of skinniness” fool you into…

Start Again

Failure doesn’t lie in an unsuccessful plan. Failure lies in abandoning your mission. If you aren’t successful in bringing your goal to life, all you need to do is revise that plan. Sometimes we’re not successful because we weren’t serious enough about the goal, didn’t want the goal bad enough, or in my case we’ve…


Sometimes it’s not our fear of failure that stops us from arriving at where we need to be! Thoughts?   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Whitt • Wellness Consultant (@fit_whitt_it)


I’ve recently been reminding myself that nothing happens overnight.  I see a lot of people fail before they’ve even begun, due to haste and impatience. We have to give ourselves the time that we need to actually have a chance at progress/success. We can’t just diet for a day and jump on the scale the…