Running for My Life

  This past April I decided to celebrate my birthday in a way that isn’t common for me. I asked all of my followers on Instagram to  join me in celebrating my 27th birthday this year! The challenge began April 18th, 2018 & ended May 14th, 2018! I was inspired after speaking with a friend…


Here’s an everyday full-body workout! Let’s do this. No equipment needed, just you and your goals! It’s time we start getting moving to FEEL good. Everything else will fall into place. Getting moving literally sends messages to your brain that increase happiness! This is something you can do by YOURSELF, for YOURSELF. You deserve it!


Complete this in 3-4 cycles with one minute rests in between. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t complete all of the cycles! Use that as a benchmark to begin setting goals. You can do it!


Benefits of HIIT: HIIT workouts help you get more bang for your time. These types of circuits help to keep your heart rate up and calls for more oxygen into your body which leads to a greater calorie burn! Maximize your time and incorporate HIIT circuits into your routine from time to time. You’ll definitely…

Booty Builder HIIT CIRCUIT

Ladies you’re going to want to save this workout for that shapely bottomw! These exercises will help you lift, shape, and build. Incorporate some variation of this into your regular routine. Your tush will thank you later