Hi, I’m Whitt!

Thanks for visiting my Fit Whitt It The Blog. I just wanted to create this space to help you to understand how to make self-care a lifestyle instead of a chore! I hope you’ll find this space to be interesting, informative, and most importantly, inspirational. We’re all striving to meet our best selves, so why not hold one another’s hand along the way! I’m going to use my tools learned as a Licensed Master of Social Work, Life Coach, Certified Group Fitness Trainer, and Nutrition Educator to deliver what WE need!

I’m hoping to inspire women to enjoy their self-love journeys, to try something new, and to live their live’s  whole-heartedly! My ultimate goal is to change the perception of self-care, health, and wellness for the women in my community! But, ya know, guys are welcomed here too!

I’m fairly new on my journey, as I’ve been on it since 2016! I’m still learning, growing, and figuring out what I enjoy. Take this journey with me, let’s learn together.

“The self you need is waiting to meet you”

Don’t be a stranger! Let’s stay connected!

So much love,