Week of 7.22.18: Meal Prep & Grocery List

The List

Here’s what I’m calling “week two of trying something new”.  My $109 list from #AmazonFresh:

1. English muffins 

2. Eggs 

3. Breakfast sausage

4. Bacon 

5. Plums X10

6. Low cal cheddar cheese

7. Spinach

8. Oranges X10

9. Pre-made meat balls

10. Whole wheat pasta 

11. Tomatoes

12. Rice noodles 

13. Cucumbers 

14. Carrots

15. Chicken breast 

16. Shrimp 

17. Bell peppers

From the above photo’s grocery list I created two meals! Keep reading below to find out what they were!


This dish is known as “Fitsghetti”! It’s my version of spaghetti and meatballs with less guilt and it is getting better and better with each rendition! My sugar-free sauce is THE BOMB and it’s made and sweetened with veggies! Feel free to reach out for the recipe. This dish is whole grain pasta, meatballs, and my special sauce (assorted veggies on the side)


This week I tried my version of a spring roll bowl! In this bowl we have: rice noodles, cucumbers, assorted green peppers, carrots, cashews, chicken, and shrimp.

I bought the wrong shrimp from AmazonFresh. I thought I was ordering plain cooked shrimp but it ended up being a shrimp, bean, and corn medley. It wasn’t bad at all. The sauce that came with the meal was omitted and a little teriyaki sauce was used instead. 


What are your go to ways for making pasta dishes healthier?

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