Tenzan 89

I stumbled upon this restaurant one day after I was out running some errands around lunch time and couldn’t make it back home in a reasonable amount of time to eat my meal prep. I wanted to eat something that wouldn’t be too heavy, would push me towards my goals to eat for gains, and wouldn’t make me feel guilty. Japanese food always feels like a great idea because these dishes are usually pretty well balanced.

I tried my luck and was definitely pleased with what I ordered. I ordered a garden salad (which comes with the delicious, ever-so-coveted ginger sauce) and a chicken ramen in mushroom broth. As I suspected, the experience was great, food was fresh, and most importantly I was left satisfied without feeling weighed down. I believe my entire total came to about $16, which is great for a surprise self date!

Chicken Ramen 


Garden Salad



As you can see, the portion of ramen was huge! I was able to bring some home and have it for my post workout meal. And you guessed it, it was just as delicious the second time around. I really had to find everything inside of me not to just go curl up and get cozy under the air conditioner after eating!

Tenzan 89: 

1714 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128


Rating (1 unsatisfactory – 5 exceptional)

  1. Service: 4
  2. Price: 5
  3. Food: 4
  4. Aesthetic: 3
  5. Overall: 4

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