Habanero Mexican Cuisine

Habanero has easily become one of my favorite restaurants. My husband and I recently went here for a date/cheat night. As you can see, this family restaurant gives really hearty portions so these 4 courses actually gave us about 2 whole meals! Their prices are great seeing as you get such a bang for your buck. I believe this trip was $50 or less. The food is so flavorful, fresh, beautifully plated and just heavenly. Every dish comes out piping hot from the kitchen (which is a good thing to me, great sign of freshness) and is somehow, excellently, delivered to your table in a timely manner.

What I really love about this place is the vibe that you get when you come in. It really feels like home and a restaurant that would be located in Mexico at the same time. Everything from the dinnerware, to the decorative accents along the walls makes you want to stay and get comfortable. The staff does an awesome job at making sure their customers are well taken care of and have knowledge of the menu!

Platanos Maduros 

These were nice, hot, and sweet. They also weren’t very oily, which is a plus as they’re fried during preparation. I love the cream sauce because it almost gives the dish a dessert-like feel, but still savory.


Pollo Con Mole Poblanos

Very filling, a bit spicey, the chicken, cheese and sauce really work well with the sesame seeds and avocado. This really says something because I am probably the only person who is not really a fan of avocado!


Bonus: If you’re in the NYC/Bronx area they are also on seamless for those nights/days that you’d rather have your food come to you!

Habanero Mexican Cuisine:

141 Lincoln Ave, Bronx, NY 10454


Instagram – @habanero_nyc

Rating (1 unsatisfactory – 5 exceptional)

  1. Service: 5
  2. Price: 5
  3. Food: 5
  4. Aesthetic: 5
  5. Overall: 5

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