Café Zaiya

I went  to Café Zaiya for my birthday this year after having dinner in the city. I was on a search to find Japanese soufflé cheesecake. I was really excited when I found this café and fulfilled my foodie dreams! These cheesecake was so lightly sweet and very soft. The only thing I regret about it was eating it so fast. I also had an assorted pack of macaroons that were so soft and sweet. They had flavors such as matcha, pistachio, raspberry, and chocolate. I believe these items came up to a little more or less than $12, which was well worth it for the taste and quality of the desserts.

The café is very welcoming and is almost set up like a cafeteria, in a way. It is certainly a casual setting but the desserts are anything but!

Some of their sweets and treats


Yummy assorted macaroons


Japanese Cheesecake soufflé




Café Zaiya: 

18 E 41st St 

Instagram – @zaiyany 

Bonus: for other locations please view their website.

Rating (1 unsatisfactory – 5 exceptional)

  1. Service: 5
  2. Price: 5
  3. Food: 5
  4. Aesthetic: 3
  5. Overall: 4.5

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