Hey y’all!

I hope you’re all feeling good today! This #ThankfulThursday I decided to combine what I’m thankful for and a self-reflection together! I think it’ll be helpful to some of you.

Today I’m feeling really grateful for the point I’ve come to in my fitness, wellness, and self care journey. There was a time where I couldn’t veer off on my plans to lose a certain amount of weight, take in a certain amount of calories, and workout for a certain amount of tome. Though results were optimal, I wasn’t really treating myself with the level of kindness I do today. It’s important to understand that we can’t control everything.


I’ve decided to take yet another fitness break over the last month or so. I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to meet the demands of quickly relocating, meal prepping, eating well, and then working out on top of that! In this situation, the kind thing to do was to give myself a break. Sure, I’ve put on a couple pounds lol, but I’m happy, I still feel healthy — mentally & physically.

During this time I’ve been able to reflect on how far I’ve come. I’ve also been able to plan ahead on ways I can get myself back into the flow as my life begins to settle into a sense of normalcy. I’m ready, excited, and proud of myself, all in one.

Vanity cannot be your reason for a fitness, health, or wellness journey. You have to do these things for you. If vanity is driving you, you’ll never ever feel that you’ve reached your destination, though you’ll stop at nothing to get there.

Much love Fam! Share with anyone – whether they’re on a journey, considering starting up, or if you just want to share some positivity!

Note to readers: I wrote this reflection months ago and wanted to add to it. I’m so glad that I had the philosophy that I did when i was writing this. Today I am thanking my past self for showing love and kindness her.

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