Running for My Life


This past April I decided to celebrate my birthday in a way that isn’t common for me. I asked all of my followers on Instagram to  join me in celebrating my 27th birthday this year!

The challenge began April 18th, 2018 & ended May 14th, 2018!


I was inspired after speaking with a friend about the benefits of running and I decided that I wanted to pick this up again. I recalled the ways running made me feel free, calmed my nerves, and gave me time to think. So I ran everyday for 27 days – each day representing one year of my life!

With this being said… I wanted a gift from each and everyone who interacts with my Instagram and other platforms with a special gift! The gift was knowing that they were setting aside time with SELF. I only required running for at least 5 minutes a day. I was hoping people would even find that they wanted to run more!

Don’t let any bad weather days stop you! Run in place at home or pull up a workout video!  Walk in place! Mix your home-running with jumping jacks, squats…anything!

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BONUS: I challenge you to part take in this challenge for your own birthday (using your own age) or beginning any day of the month for any 27 day block!

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