Week of 1.2.18: Meal Prep & Grocery List

This year I told myself that I HAVE to do something different. I have to become more intentional and make things count. I’d already been loosely planning my meals by cooking on Sunday’s but I decided to take it up a notch by separating the food out because whether we believe it or not time isn’t on our side! I have here my lunch and dinner for my short week.  I’m working with: 1. Lunch: quinoa, sweet potatoes and chicken breasts with onions 2. Dinner: Steak with soy (less sodium) sauce, steamed mixed veggies and brown rice. I also snack generously throughout the day on things like fruit, nuts, and yogurt. Maybe one day soon I’ll do another whole day of food post! I want what I want and I’m only gonna get what I deserve if I deserve it.

I have to become more intentional and make things count



Here’s what I got for my first grocery trip of the year! I’m actually not even sure how I ended up spending $94 on groceries this week but I do know that this week’s list was very intentional. I decided to up my game when it comes to getting more calories in — in a clean fashion. Im going to try to ex out the sandwiches that I normally eat for lunch and move towards lunch being a dinner part 1 so that I will not be devoid of energy by the time I get home and prepare for my workouts! This is the week that I intended on beginning my body building journey so I’m hoping to change as much this year!


I don’t have any set in stone goals. I just literally want to see what this body can do and I’ll try my best to record the journey! The time is now and I’m so excited! But here’s this week’a grocery list:


  1. Activia yogurt
  2. Pre-boiled eggs
  3. Almonds
  4. Cheese sticks
  5. Apples
  6. Halos
  7. Bell pepper
  8. Mixed veggies
  9. Steak (2x)
  10. Chicken breasts
  11. Quinoa
  12. Brown rice
  13. Sweet potatoes
  14. Less sodium soy sauce
  15. Cold pressed apple juice
  16. Protein bars


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