Day 7 of the #PauseWhittIt challenge! Instead of moving my body physically I decided to do some exercising with my mind and spirit! In order to get ready for this week I reflected on these #Affirmations. You may even consider journaling in relation to these affirmations! I hope they’re helpful for you too!


More info on the #PauseWhittIt challenge:

On June 4th, 2018 I invited you all on my 3-Week Pause Challenge! My last challenge got us up and moving but this one got us to give ourselves a chance to pause and reflect.

The challenge is simple, give yourself at least 10 minutes (daily) of YOU time — anyway that you can. You can journal, meditate, just sit quietly, listen to music, or just lay down on you living room floor lol. Just RELAX.

I’m using this challenge to give myself some intentional me time and also practice some yoga poses because I am not the most flexible person AT ALL lol. I’ve done a bit of documenting this journey. Feel free to join or start this challenge on your own at any time!

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