Skinny Doesn’t Mean Healthy

Let’s trade in our “ #BodyGoals” for our own personal health goals. Skinny doesn’t always mean healthy! There are people who are naturally skinny despite what they eat! There are people who don’t consume a  diet necessary to sustain the health and the integrity of their bodies. Don’t let the “pursuit of skinniness” fool you into thinking that someone achieved that body through healthy measures either!Skinny Be happy for your steady paced success and don’t look for the shortcuts. Your peace of mind and health isn’t worth eating so few calories that you are forcing your body into starvation, consuming too many processed (greasy, fatty, salty, sweet — foods), or working your body out everyday to the point of exhaustion and dehydration. Not to mention the work that this ideal does to our minds and hearts. Don’t allow your self esteem to lower because you’re not fitting into a narrow minded definition of beauty or the perfect picture of health. Not everyone is meant to be skinny but we’re all meant to be healthy, to live long and to pass the gift of education on to others.

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