a #SelfCareSaturday Reflection

A  #selfcaresaturday  reflection: I’m in my thoughts around stress, life moving fast, and unexpected issues arising. During these times it’s important to realize that we cannot give our all to situations that deplete our energy. This doesn’t always have to apply to negative situations. Sometimes we’re running low because we want to fix everything for everyone, and make sure that our loved ones don’t feel alone and stressed. That’s okay! That’s a sign of empathy. But empathy can be exhausting! Sometimes we have to make a decision to show ourselves compassion and realize when we are doing unrealistically too much.

self care saturday

There are people along the way that will recognize the signs of your “help battery” depleting and they’ll be there for you too. Keep those people close. • Most importantly, remember that you are not superhuman and ALLOW people to help you. Needing help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength and wisdom that shows you know what to do to get out of an uncomfortable, hurtful or draining situation. • I hope this reflection/mantra has helped you the way it did me! I’m letting go and focusing on what I CAN do instead of what I CAN’T. You should too!

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