Reflections and Affirmations on “Worth”

I’m wishing you all a really groovy day! Right now I would like us to welcome a moment of introspection. Let’s intentionally think about what we need, what we deserve, and what we’re worth. Too many times in life we sell our selves short when we deserve better. What can be enhanced, eliminated or simply changed in our lives? When’s the last time you took time to do something for yourself, your mental health, and your space? Today’s challenge is for us to chase after the things we deserve in life. What is it going to take to get there? What are some small goals that we can put in place to get there? Who can us along the way?


Here are our affirmations for today:

1. I’m deserving of peace of mind.

2. I am a great person who’s trying their very best.

3. I can change my life for the better.

4. I am strong and gentle when needed.

5. I am deserving of relationships that enhance me.

Take 3 minutes to think this through and reflect. Share with a friend

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