Week of 7.3.18: Meal Prep & Grocery List


It REALLY goes down in my house on Sunday’s! I love planning my meals because it takes the guesswork and the excuses out of my life completely. Lunch is: Greek salad — lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, olives, feta cheese, and chicken breasts. Dinner: quinoa, grilled turkey breasts with caramelized onions, steamed peppers & onions, and a side of green beans with artichoke hearts. I don’t have time to play because I’M PLANNING. Invest 1-2 hours for a week without stress and poor decisions.


This week I spent $120 on the following groceries from Amazon Fresh! I tried something new by purchasing the artichoke hearts and they were really good. I liked that they were kind of tart, but lightly sour, if that’s even a good description.

Grocery list for above:
1. Bananas
2. Pita pockets IMG_2953
3. Sliced almonds
4. Boiled eggs
5. Cereal bars
6. Peaches (x10)
7. Lettuce
8. Cherry tomatoes
9. Red onions (x2)
10. Chicken breasts & Turkey Breasts
11. Feta cheese
12. Olives
13. Olive oil
14. Tangerines
15. White onion
16. Artichoke hearts
17. Assorted peppers (x3)
18. Green beans
19. Quinoa

What’s on your grocery list this week?

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