• (New) Becoming an It Girl (character discovery & self-esteem building)- Group workshop available for:
    • Young women (children/teens)
    • Women
  • (New) It Lifestyle Coaching (setting goals, building habits, and leading with positivity)- Group workshop available for:
    • Teens
    • Adults
  • (New) Normalizing Self Care – Group workshop available for:
    • Children
    • Adults
    • Teens
  • (New) Nutrition Made Easy – Group workshop available for:
    • Children
    • Teens
    • Adults


  • Personal Grocery List Creation Assistance & Healthy Meal Ideas
  • (NEW) Personal Life Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Nutrition Consultation & Introductions
Click the link to below get started on all personals:

50|50 Work-Shops (classes)  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please come hydrated for all 50|50’s and bring water with you! 

Stretching Towards Sisterhood – A sister circle of conversation and flow!

Stretching Towards Sisterhood.jpg


Not Your Older Sister’s Gym Class – This obstacle course is making fitness fun. silly. and a little competitive!



Stretching Towards Love – (couples’ class) This is for the lovers! Spend some quality time learning new ways to relax and get physical with your love!

Stretching Towards love.jpg


  • Ask questions about services & 50|50’s
  • book me for a private event
  • bring me to your community center
  • bring me to your church

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