The No Thought Breakfast!

Keep it simple, silly. Raisin Bran with almond milk, boiled eggs, grapes, and raspberries is all I need to start my day. This breakfast gives me more than enough fuel until lunch! I love eating Raisin Bran for breakfast because it’s light and sure doecereals keep me full. It’s also high in fiber which has been associated with encouraging weight-loss and most importantly, it keeps me regular! If you’re worried about your sugar intake, I’d probably go with Cheerios or some Kashi Cereals.

In the air of keeping a happy stomach, berries help with this as well. They also provide me with some natural sugar that gives me energy without the jitters. More essentially, both grapes and raspberries give you what you need (Vitamin C) to sustain great immune system health, skin health and they even protects against heart disease!

Don’t forget about them berries!

I also add boiled eggs to basically every breakfasts that I prepare. I find it’s an easy way to get in protein and also keep myself full until lunch or a snack, which ever comes first.

Pro Tip: Try this combo with any cereal and fruit of your choice!


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