I’ve recently been reminding myself that nothing happens overnight.  I see a lot of people fail before they’ve even begun, due to haste and impatience.

We have to give ourselves the time that we need to actually have a chance at progress/success. We can’t just diet for a day and jump on the scale the next. You deserve to take your time and work on yourself consistently. You deserve to take care of yourself and be active ALL of the time, not just when you have a special occasion, an anniversary is coming up, or you just want a quick fix. Just as we invest our time and money into others, we should make that a common practice towards ourselves.

No one in your life deserves to be taken care of by you more than YOURSELF. Sometimes consistency starts off as small acts that add up to a better you! Begin by taking a minute to breathe, waking up early to get a stretch in, giving yourself just 5 minutes to pause and reflect, or just giving yourself a couple of minutes to get a walk in. So much of the reason why some of us find it hard to lose weight, and have a healthy lifestyle (most of the time) is because we haven’t normalized the need for self-care.consistency

These are all lessons I’ve had to learn along the way. We’re allowed to treat ourselves with kindness through out the transformation process. Success doesn’t happen all at once or nothing at all. It’s okay to not be able to go all in right at the start of your journey. Take small consistent steps that build! This is the only way to make sure self care isn’t overwhelming. There’s no reason that anyone in this world should be charged with the responsibility of treating us better than we treat ourselves, this is something to ALWAYS remember.

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